Cold is the Dawn

A gripping historical novel following the men and woman of the Irish Diaspora

So there it is, she thought, that night. Exile, Your only answer. Is this the land You promised us? Mayo, a land flowing with milk and honey? Or four long years of torture. No milk, no honey, not even potatoes, only death. Kitty is leaving now, how it breaks my heart. What future for her, poor girl, working the machines in their mills? She has no idea of what awaits her, nor do I, except there’ll be precious little milk, and no honey. The same with Luke and Winnie and little Liam. What kind of hellholes are these mines? Your punishment, but for what? And Sarah, breeding stock for jailbirds at the other end of the earth. Is this some kind of joke? No, I won’t let You do that. Sarah stays, damn You. She’s ours.

Hunger deepened in Ireland in 1848 as the potato crop failed again.

In London, the government, alarmed by austerity in England and the revolution in Europe, refused to re-open the soup kitchens in Ireland. But, worse still, they refused to halt food exports from the starving country.

Emigration quickened as many were evicteed, and many more fled from a wasted land. They worked the waterfronts and coal mines of America and the railways and building sites of England. But hunger still stalked them.

Cold is the Dawn follows these men and women and their bitter fight for survival in Ireland, England and America.

Publication Date:  28 July 2017
ISBN:  978-1-78132-659-6
Demensions:  229 x 152mm
Extent:  432 pages
RRP:  £14.99
Rights:  Worldwide
eBooks:  .epub and .mobi

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