The Exile Breed

The pitiless epic of the Irish Famine Diaspora

He leaned against the rail, watching. His heart had ceased its pounding, but still he felt a fear he could no longer explain. Remember Mayo? Two thousand miles behind? Could be more. They were nearer to America now. He was losing track of time too. Hundreds of people crammed into the cargo hold, sickening, praying and dying. More deaths every day. He wondered how many would survive the voyage of the Centaurus.
Would he?

The Exile Breed is a story of the Irish Famine in Ireland, Canada, England and the USA.

The famine intensified in 1847. Many left, but hunger and fever followed them. Thousands died in the Irish ghettoes of Liverpool, Manchester and London. Many more died in the ships on the Atlantic, in the emigrant hospitalss of Quebec and Montreal, in the forests and along the back-roads of Canada, and in the slums of New York and other America cities.

Those who survived went on to build new lives in the lands of the Irish Diaspora.

The Killing Snows, the first novel in this series, was described as “powerful and compelling” by Sarah Hackett of The Irish Post

Title:  The Exile Breed
Author:  Charles Egan
ISBN:  978-1-78132-452-3 (paperback) / 978-1-78132-453-0 (eBook)
RRP:  £13.99 (paperback) / £5.99 (eBook)
229 x 152mm

Extracts from Readers Reviews

Great Story and stays faithful to the true story. Look forward to the next in series.

Really hoping there is another book in the offing from this author.

I have read and absorbed this book in three days - just could not put it down.

Great continuation of The Killing Snows.

Very interesting book about the time of the famine in Ireland and how it affected people day to day.

I could not put this book down, it is interesting and harrowing in equal measures.

From the famine Fields to emigration, what a story!

Now we travel to England, to the railways, Canada for the horror of the quarantine camps and later working in the Canadian wood camps before going on to America.

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